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Tropical Oasis Acai with Resveratrol
Help your body fight harmful free radicals, give you weight loss program a kick, and keep your heart healthy with this powerful Tropical Oasis blend of Resveratrol, Acai, and 16 other powerful antioxidants.
100% Pure Acai Berry Juice
Don't let age sneak up on you!  Fight the aging process and damaging free radicals with 100% Pure Acai concentrated antioxidant to fight damaging free radicals
100% Pure Acai Berry Juice
You need powerful weapons to fight free radicals and aging!  100% Pure Acai concentrated antioxidant is your best defense.
Liquid Vitamin D

Great tasting Liquid Vitamin D3! By now you've probably heard and read about the critical need we all have for this vital nutrient. Vitamin D is lacking in many of our diets today. Tropical Oasis is pleased to offer this high potency 30 day supply containing 5200 IU's per serving. Get Yours today.